Fruit, full and B week shares:
Distribution will be Wednesday, September 11, from 5pm – 8pm at Congregation Mt Sinai.
Please remember to bring your own bags and be mindful to take what is alotted for each share.  If you need to send someone to pick up your share, you don’t need to notify us in advance.  Just have them tell the volunteer at check in your name and your share type.
This week’s vegetables:
1 bunch Cilantro, 1 head Bok Choy, 1 bunch Radishes, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 head Green Boston Lettuce, 1 head Broccoli, 1 bunch U-Choy, 1 lb. Tomatoes, 1 lb. Cherry Tomatoes, 1 Sugar Baby Watermelon

1 bag of peaches, 1 bag of donut peaches


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