When is distribution?
Distribution takes place on Wednesdays from 5:00 – 8:00 pmJune 7 – November 15, 2023.

Where is distribution?
First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY

What are the costs?
Vegetable Shares (These prices include an $19 administrative fee to cover costs of supplies, programming, etc.):

Full Share

(pick up every week)

Half Share

(pick up a full share every other week)











Fruit Shares:
Quantity: 3lb bag tree fruit or 1 pint berries per week (If you are interested in 2 fruit shares, please contact us.)

Full share: $180 for 18 weeks of fruit from Briermere Farms, beginning in July.
Half share: $90 for 9 weeks (delivered every other week).

If fruit comes in early or all at once, Briermere may choose to give it out earlier. This would mean more fruit in the early shares and less fruit in later shares. The number of weeks may also be less in this case.   Please read through the share contents CAREFULLY so you understand what fruit CAN grow on Long Island and that week to week you will be getting similar things depending on the time of year. If you do not LOVE apples, we suggest you do not participate in the share as the last month or two is primarily filled with apples.

Note: if you include fruit, whole vegetable shares must pick whole fruit shares. Half vegetable shares must choose half fruit shares.

Cheese Shares:
This year we will be offering cheese from the east end of Long Island NY as well as from the Hudson Valley NY. You will receive a different type of cheese each week from one of eight different farms! This combination gives you a wonderful selection of soft, medium and hard cheese textures and including cow and goat and sheep’s milk cheeses.

Full share: $295 for 18 weeks of cheese, beginning in July.
Half share: $147.50 for 9 weeks (delivered every other week).

Note: if you include cheese, whole vegetable shares must pick whole cheese shares. Half vegetable shares must choose half cheese shares.

Are the vegetables organic?

Yes. Sang Lee Farms is a NOFA-NY Certified Organic Vegetable Farm.

Is the fruit organic?
Briermere Farms‘ fruit is conventionally grown, but uses many organic practices and composting.

Do you offer dairy and/or egg shares?
We do not offer dairy and/or egg shares for the full season, but we do offer special orders throughout the season.

How do I sign up and pay?
We accept checks, Venmo, and credit cards (via Braintree). Register online now.

Do you have payment plans? More affordable shares?
Yes! If you need to set up a payment plan or discuss prices, please email us at BrooklynBridgeCSA[at]gmail.com.

What if I have a half share? When should I come to distribution?
After registration is closed, you will receive an e-mail from us letting you know if you are an A week or a B week. Our first week is an A week. If you’re ever confused about which week it is, you can go to our Google Calendar.

What if I’m an A week and I can’t come this week? What if I’m ever out of town? Can I switch?
We set up a Google Group each season for members to switch or you can post a message to our Facebook page if you ever want to switch weeks.

What about the volunteering requirement?
You will receive an email from our volunteer coordinator about signing up for shifts. Every share purchased (does not matter if it’s a half or full share) requires 2 volunteer shifts during the season. Volunteer shifts are from 4:15 – 6:05 and from 5:55 – 7:45 pm on Wednesdays. You can do both of your shifts in a row on the same night if you’d like. If there are multiple people sharing one share, you’re still only responsible for 2 shifts. Doing a cooking demo or event at distribution also counts for volunteering. Questions? E-mail us.

What vegetables can I look forward to this week?
Each week we’ll send you a concise yet comprehensive and informative newsletter, which includes the vegetables you can expect at distribution, important announcements, recipes and food justice news. Additionally, you can see share lists from past CSA deliveries from our farmer here.

What if I can’t pick up my share one week?
You can ask a friend/neighbor to pick up your share or give it away. If no one comes to pick up your share it will be donated to a local Emergency Food Provider.

Which local emergency food provider will receive leftover shares?
We’ve been partnered with the First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Food Pantry in Brooklyn Heights since 2011. Learn more about FPC.

How do I get more involved?
If you have a particular talent or skill that you would to contribute to our CSA, or are simply eager to lend a hand, please email us at BrooklynBridgeCSA@gmail.com.

Do you ever share the information I enter on the sign up form?
No, we don’t share our member information with anyone.

What if I sign up and then move out of the area before the season starts?
Just send us an email and we can arrange a refund before the season starts.  If the season has started, you can also email us and we will try to match you with someone to take over your share, but we can’t guarantee that will happen.

What if a disaster (flood, hurricane, etc) affects the farm?
If something happens at the farm and they can no longer deliver at any point during a season, (flood, hurricane, etc.), since members have taken the risk with the farmer, there is no refund for whatever part of the season is affected. This is common in CSA models and is a reason that farmers use CSAs, so the risk is shared.