Fruit, Full & A week Shares
Distribution will be Wednesday, 9/18, from 5pm – 8pm at the 10 Clinton St Community Room.

1 head Green Romaine, 3 head Baby Bok Choy, 1 Arrow Head Cabbage, 1 Daikon Radish, 1 pc. Kohlrabi, 2 lbs. Potatoes, 8 oz. Snap Beans, 1 lb. Mixed Tomatoes, 1 lb. Cherry Tomatoes, 1 bunch Ong Choy

Mixed bag of Bartlett Pears & Gala Apples, 1 bag of Damson Plums (a little sour/good for jam)

This week, we’re helping with the second-annual Care to Share, a city-wide effort to donate fresh produce to feed the hungry. Tonight, September 18, we invite you to give a portion of your fresh produce to us to donate. Please help us spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and anyone you know to drop by and donate produce. #Care2Share

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