For Full & A WEEK Veggie Shares:  Distribution will be today, Wednesday, June 19, from 5pm – 8pm at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) at 124 Henry St. Distribution will be outside to the right of the church if you are facing FPC. If it’s raining, it will be in the front entryway of the church. You will enter through the right side door (as you are facing the church).


Expected Distribution:

Veggies: 1 head RED OAK LETTUCE, 1 bulb FENNEL, 1 bunch GARLIC SCAPES, 1 bunch U-CHOY, 1-2 SEEDLESS CUCUMBERS, 1 bunch CILANTRO, 1 bunch BEETS, 1 head KOHLRABI, 1 head ROMAINE LETTUCE

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