*Distribution for all shares will be today, TUESDAY, Nov 27, at Randolph Beer, 82 Propspect St. from 5pm-7:45pm.  You can enter on Prospect St and distribution is through the bar down the stairs OR you can enter on the Sands St side and there’s a glass door on the right of the garage doors that should be open.

Vegetables, partial share:
1 head Napa Cabbage, 1 bulb Kohlrabi, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 Butternut Squash, 1 head Lettuce

Vegetables, full share:
2.5 lbs Sweet Potatoes, 1 head Napa Cabbage, 1 bulb Kohlrabi, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 Butternut Squash, 1 head Lettuce, 1 bunch Beets, 2.5 lbs Gold Potatoes

Fruit Share:
3 lbs Apples, Red & Golden Delicious + Rubymac Apples from Briermere Farm

Cheese Share:
1 Wedge Plain Cow’s Milk Tillsit Hard Cheese from Harpersfield Dairy

Soup Share:
32 oz container Hearty Kale Soup

*Winter Shares with The Farm Bridge
The Farm Bridge Shares (the evolution of Winter Sun Farms) partners with local sustainable farms to supply a winter share of great tasting frozen fruits and vegetables all winter long. Our goal is to deliver a superior product at a fair price for you and the farmer.  Our DUMBO share provides delicious, locally-grown frozen veggies and fruit at two pick-ups in December.  You’ll receive a total of 35 items split between two pick-ups. Deliveries will include shelf-stable Tomato Puree plus separately packaged frozen items like Butternut Squash Puree, Blueberries, Sweet Corn, Diced Sweet Peppers, and Broccoli.

Sign up by: Wed 11/28

Share price: $152 per share

Pick-updates: Dec 4 & Dec 11, 1/2 of the items each time

Registration and more info online: http://thefarmbridgeshares.csasignup.com/members/types

We have a minimum that we need to meet for them to deliver so please order today!


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