Registration for the BBCSA Fall Share, the last 10 weeks of the 2016 Brooklyn Bridge CSA season, is officially open. Register today!

Sang Lee Farms is offering a Fall Share and has opened up registration for the last 10 weeks of the summer season, pick ups start Wed, Sept 14.  Pricing and details are below – payment is due by Sept 6 so please sign up asap to reserve your spot.

Details and cost info for the FALL share:
Vegetables come from our fantastic farmer Fred Lee at Sang Lee Farms, a certified organic specialty vegetable farm in Peconic on the North Fork of Long Island.  More info on 2016 share can be found here.
This share will include more prepared foods like salad with toppings and dressing – ready to eat, quinoa salad, juices, snack packs, and more. The farms realizes that “some people might not cook a lot, but love our products. This gives them the option to be a member without committing  to eating home and cooking all the time.”  All are made in Sang Lee’s organic kitchen.
16 oz. Salad greens with toppings and dressing + Vegan Soup + Herbal Iced Tea
12 oz. Quinoa Salad + Snack Pack with Dip + Baked Good
Stir-fry Dinner Pack (cut up veggies with stir-fry sauce) + 12 oz. Fresh Veggie Juice


(Note:  You can become a member by signing up for a Veggie AND/OR a Ready-to-Eat Share.  If you choose to do both shares, you only pay one administrative fee.)
10 Week Veggie Share: $303
10 Week Ready to Eat Share: $218

10 Week Veggie Share & Ready to Eat Share: $513

The above pricing includes an $8 administration fee, and a commitment to volunteer (covering one shift over the course of the season).

Members interested in discussing payment options or further subsidies are encouraged to email

Add-On Shares:  (you must have a Veggie or Ready to Eat Share to purchase an Add-On Share)

Fred has partnered again with Briermere Farms to bring us this add-on to our CSA offerings. Fruit is conventionally grown, while utilizing many organic practices and composting.

Quantity: 1 container of berries and 3 pounds peaches, apples or pears OR 6 pounds peaches, apples or pears

If fruit comes in early or all at once, Briermere may choose to give it out earlier. This would mean more fruit in the early shares and less fruit in later shares. The number of weeks may also be less in this case.

8 Week Fruit Share: $125

Four farms participate in the cheese program, rotating different cheeses each week. This combination gives you a wonderful selection of soft, medium and hard cheese textures and includes both cow and goat milk varieties.

8 Week Cheese Share: $125

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