We hope you are enjoying the bounty from last Wednesday!

Veggies:  1/2 lb. Shishito Peppers, 1 Cantaloupe, 2 lb Heirloom Tomatoes, 3/4 lb Mixed Cherry & Grape Tomatoes, 1 bunch Beets, 1 head Lettuce, 2 Onions, 2 Cucumbers, 1.5 lb Fingerling Potatoes, 4 ears Corn
‘Ready to Eat’ Share

6 oz. Fermented Garlic Kraut + 6 oz. Fermented Ginger Carrots + Raw veggie wrap on sprouted grain tortilla + 2 oz. Asian Vinaigrette Dressing


1 bag Peaches + 1 bag Apples


Sprout Creek Farm Toussant Cow’s Milk Cheese


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