Full & A week vegetable, fruit, flower, cheese and Milk Not Jails dairy shares:
Distribution will be Wednesday, August 6, from 5pm – 8pm at First Presbyterian Church (124 Henry Street). Distribution is in the entryway of the church; enter through the center front door.

If you haven’t signed up for volunteering yet, please do so! 

Egg shares (MNJ): Bring back your cartons for reuse each time you pick up.

This week’s vegetables:
2 pc. Bulb Onions, 1 head Green Oak, 1 bunch Red Beets, 1 lb. Green Beans, 1 bunch Kale, 1 head Red Boston, 3 heads Baby Bok Choy, 1 lb. Squash, 1 lb. Fingerling Potatoes, 8 oz. Cherry Tomatoes

Harpersfield & Plain Tilsit

1 mixed Apricots & Donut Peaches & 1 bag Peaches

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