Full, B week, dairy, and fruit shares: tonight’s pickup is at First Presbyterian Church (124 Henry St). Enter through the front door. Please remember to bring your own bags and be mindful to take what is allotted for each share.  

Today’s the last day of fruit, and it’ll be a bag of Fuji and a bag of Cameo apples.

Note that next Wednesday, November 13, will be the final distribution of the season! ALL MEMBERS, both full and half shares, should come to pickup. (Half members will pick up a half share of veggies next week.) It’ll also be the final distribution of Milk Not Jails dairy shares.

Today’s vegetables:   1 bunch Cilantro, 1 bunch Red Radishes, 1 head Broccoli, 1 head Green Boston, 1 stalk Brussel Sprouts, 2 lbs. Red Fingerlings, 1 head Arrowhead Cabbage, 1 bunch White Salad Turnips, 4 oz. Lunch Box Peppers, 2 pcs. Eggplants, 1 pc. Acorn Squash


2 thoughts on “CSA delivery #22 – B week

  1. The other day I received an email stating that this week would be bothA and B and full shares. Is that correct?

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