Fruit, full & B week shares:
Distribution is tonight (Wednesday, October 9), from 5pm – 8pm at First Presbyterian Church (FPC). We’ll be at FPC for the rest of the season ending November 3. 
FPC is located at 124 Henry St. Distribution will be in the front entryway of the church. Enter through the right-side door (as you are facing the church). Other than the location, everything else — like timing of distribution and volunteer shifts — is staying the same.
Please make sure to notify anyone that you have picking up for you. Just in case, we’ll also have signs at the synagogue just in case someone isn’t aware of the change.

This week’s vegetables:
1 bunch Parsley, 1 head Broccoli, 4 heads Baby Bok Choy, 1 bunch Hakurei Turnips, 1 bunch Kale, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 head Green Romaine, 1 lb. Snap Beans, 1 lb. Mixed Tomatoes, 1 pc. Summer Squash, 1/2 lb. Lunch Box Peppers

One bag of mixed apples: cortland, gala, and red delicious

We want to thank Congregation Mt Sinai for all of their help in establishing the CSA and continued support each season. All of the people we have worked with there have been wonderful and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! 

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