Welcome to the 2013 season!  

For Full & A WEEK Shares:  The first distribution for 2013 will be this Wednesday, 6/12, from 5pm – 8pm at Congregation Mt Sinai.

This year, we’re pleased to again offer a dairy share for the season. We’re partnering with Milk Not Jails, who will be handling all the orders and registration, and delivering directly to our CSA site during our regular pick ups. They will be onsite this week to sample and sign people up! For more info on offerings and cost, click here.

Please remember to bring your own bags and be mindful to take what is alotted for each share.

If you haven’t joined us on Facebook and Pinterest yet – please do!  You can share or find some recipes or look for someone to swap weeks with.

This week’s veggies (retail value over $41):
– 1 bu orange carrots
– 1 green oak lettuce
– 1 green romaine
– 1 head bok choy
– 2 lbs potatoes
– 1 bunch red radishes
– 1 lb asparagus
– 1 quart strawberries
– 1 lb sugar snap peas

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