*The last distribution of the winter season TODAY at the Phoenix House, 50 Jay St. between Water and Plymouth St. please use the front entrance.  The pick up will be taking place in the lobby from 5pm – 8pm. 
*Thank you all for your participation in this season!  Hope to see you in the summer!
*Did you know the Brooklyn Bridge CSA is on Pinterest?  There are many more recipes for you to enjoy!  Check it out here!
*Please remember to bring your bags with you to distribution!
Expected distribution:
1 bunch Scallions
8oz. bag Baby Kale
5 lbs. Mixed Beets
2 heads Red Cabbage
3 lbs. Fingerling Potatoes
2 Stalks Brussel Sprouts
2 bunches Mixed Lettuce Heads
5 lbs. Mixed Carrots
2 heads Savoy Cabbage
8 oz. Baby Spinach
1 head Napa Cabbage***
3 lbs. Northern Red Potatoes
1 pc. Daikon Radish***
*** Item was harvested from our leased field that is managed organically, but in transition awaiting organic certification

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