Have you always wanted to be on Top Chef? Well, here’s your chance to display your best cooking skills!

Just Food is sponsoring the Great CSA Smackdown.   The Great CSA Smackdown is a timed  cooking event that ultimately will crown one lucky team the Smackdown Champions.   Each CSA will have a 1st round competition and the winning team will advance to the city wide competition in October.

Things to know:

** Teams – teams are made up of 2 people. 1 member must be a CSA member.

**  Sign-up – spaces are very, very limited, so sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis. Sign-ups must be submitted by Monday Sept. 24th.

** Date – Brooklyn Bridge CSA 1st round competition will take place on Sunday, Sept. 30th. Contestants need to be there at 2:30pm – event starts at 3pm.

** Location – 61 Local – 61 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

** Ingredients – teams must cook from their share provided to them that week. BBCSA may be able to provide those teams competing with a larger share that week depending on availability – this will be advised at distribution on Sept 27th.  Teams are allowed to bring up to 3 Flavor  Enhancers: spices (curry, cardamom, etc.), herbs (dill, mint, etc.) and sauces (teriyaki, soy sauce, etc.) only.

** Supplies – teams MUST come to the competition with their ingredients from the share washed and pre-chopped BEFORE arriving at 61 Local (due to liabilities, there is no washing or cutting of ingredients at the event).  Teams may also bring 1 pot, 1 pan, 1 whisk, 1 spatula, and/or 2 mixing bowls if needed.

** Each team will have their ingredients and supplies verified at the beginning of the contest.  They will then have 30 minutes to cook and get their dishes ready for judging.  The winner will then be announced and move on to the final round!

** Just Food will provide an apron for each competitor and one prize for each GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN finalist!

If your skills lean more towards take-out than Bobby Flay Boy Meets Grills, come down to watch your fellow CSA members battle it out. 61 Local  is a great bar/restaurant that will be open and will have beer and food available to purchase throughout the competition. There is a one drink minimum for all people attending and competing in the event.

To sign-up to be a contestant, please click here!  We will email you to confirm you as a contestant.

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