Note from Fred Lee
May 2012

Spring isn’t officially over until the arrival of the summer soltice on June 20, of this year. Many of us simply think of that day as the longest of the year with regard to hours of daylight. Although it is a month away, I feel as if summer has already arrived with the amount of field preparations and planting to be done.

We are in the midst of what I know is the period of time when I forget what ‘day of the week’ it is. It is a small consolation that there are more hours of day light now, when it is that time of year that we never seem to catch up with the tasks that need to be done each day.

I know too, that it is terribly important to keep a proper perspective with the work scene. I try to get enough beauty sleep every day in addition to eating properly and having time for a brief mid day nap around lunch. I am grateful too, that we have such a good, hard working staff that are just as passionate in making sure the veggies are grown and prepared products are being made to the best of their abilities.

Enjoy the sunny days !

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