Tomorrow Tuesday March 6th, 2012 is your last winter CSA delivery, # 6.   Attached is the list of veggies we have planned.

Your shares tomorrow reflect in part, what we have all experienced again weather wise in mild temperatures over the last (3) weeks.  Both storage veggies and greens from our greenhouses are planned for your share tomorrow.  While I would have liked to have harvested some of these greens later in the spring, their maturity and stage of growth necessitated their harvest now, all to your benefit.

We want to thank you for your participation in our 2011-2012 winter CSA.  Clearly this was an unusual winter with such mild weather, it has allowed us to harvest late winter veggies from the field much later than we expected and to our surprise as well, early spring vegetables from the greenhouses much earlier than expected.   As you can see from the bounty of your winter shares over the course of the winter, it was greater than what we have ever packed out in a winter CSA distribution over the last (3) years.  We hope that you have enjoyed the vegetables and look forward to seeing you all soon at the farm, perhaps with our summer 2012 Vegetable CSA.

Be well,

Fred & Karen

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