Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14th 2012, is your winter CSA # 5 distribution.

I know this is probably going to sound like old news, but we have continued to have unusually warm temperatures for this time of year.  Not only do we have another greater than expected share for your distribution, but we have a couple of surprise harvests.  Some greenhouse items, like the mixed baby beet bunches, baby Carrot bunches, green scallions, and greenhouse Spinach,  that we were hoping to harvest later in the spring, (later as in the end of March and April), are being harvested now simply because they have to be.  Plant maturity, quality, and size are among the primary reasons for harvesting them now.  At the rates that they have matured, for being overwintered crops in the greenhouse, we can not hold them for later, hence tomorrow’s treats for you.  I can’t begin to guess how some other veggies are going to grow later on with the dramatic temperature differences we’ve experienced over the winter so far.

You will find the greenhouse spinach to probably be the best…. ever…really, certainly for a local Fresh February harvest.  That’s not to say the Napa Cabbage, being almost four months in storage, isn’t the best thing either.   It is perhaps one of the most favorite winter storage vegetable for us, as we enjoy it fresh in salads, stir fried, or used like lettuce on sandwiches.  (Is there even such a thing as one of the ‘most favorite’?  I wouldn’t think it’d be more than a ‘slight exaggeration’, if you found your self ‘silently screaming’ that it was ‘wickedly good’.  Even with the oxymora intended, we hope you’re tickled like us to be Napa cabbage fans.

And…..we hope that you really LOVE all your other veggies tomorrow too,  Happy Valentines Day,

Fred & Karen

Sang Lee Farms Greenhouse

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