Egg Shares Are Available

We’re doing a separate registration for egg shares, but you must be a vegetable share member to order eggs. Each egg share consists of 6 eggs per week for the entire CSA season (23 weeks), and costs $80. The eggs come from North Fork Egg Farm in Southland, NY, and/or Young Widows Farm in Orient, NY. For more informations about the eggs, click here.

To purchase eggs,  fill out this form, and send your check, made out to Brooklyn Bridge CSA, to:
Marina Berger
221 LInden Blvd, Apt C23
Brooklyn, NY 11226

We are limited to 20 egg shares for the 2012 season. We will send you a confirmation for your egg share upon receipt of payment. If we receive your check after all 20 shares have been sold out, we’ll let you know via email and return your check to you.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us.

Eggs from North Fork Egg Farm

EGGS for the upcoming CSA season!

We’re currently planning for the CSA’s third season, and we’ve been considering EGGS. We’re researching farms to provide egg shares, but we need an estimate of how many people would potentially be interested in purchasing an egg share for the season. A share usually consists of a dozen or half a dozen eggs a week. They are usually priced around $5/dozen. If you think you’d be interested in purchasing an egg share, please take less than a minute to indicate your level of interest by clicking here and answering our one-question survey. You are under no obligation to purchase a share if you say you want one now, but we need to find a farm whose supply can meet our demand. Please respond by Friday, February 17.