Egg Shares Are Available

We’re doing a separate registration for egg shares, but you must be a vegetable share member to order eggs. Each egg share consists of 6 eggs per week for the entire CSA season (23 weeks), and costs $80. The eggs come from North Fork Egg Farm in Southland, NY, and/or Young Widows Farm in Orient, NY. For more informations about the eggs, click here.

To purchase eggs,  fill out this form, and send your check, made out to Brooklyn Bridge CSA, to:
Marina Berger
221 LInden Blvd, Apt C23
Brooklyn, NY 11226

We are limited to 20 egg shares for the 2012 season. We will send you a confirmation for your egg share upon receipt of payment. If we receive your check after all 20 shares have been sold out, we’ll let you know via email and return your check to you.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us.

Eggs from North Fork Egg Farm

A note about prices

The following is a note from Fred and Karen Lee of Sang Lee Farms (our CSA’s farmer). Please note that the CSA prices listed on the FAQs page reflects the price increase noted here, plus an $18 administrative fee to cover costs of supplies, programming, etc. Also note, our CSA site does not offer Partial Shares. Instead we offer Full Shares and Half Shares. A Half Share is a full share, picked up every other week.

After much thought and debate, we’ve decided that we must raise the price of the vegetable CSAs slightly for 2012.  The price for the partial Share will be $375.00, and the Full Vegetable share will be $595.00, for the 2012 (23) week season.  The price increase comes to approximately $.87 per week for the partial and  $1.09  per week for the Full Share.

Our objective to provide a great value of vegetables for as many folks in our (3) existing Brooklyn CSAs as we can has not changed.   We have no plans of taking on any additional Brooklyn CSA groups for 2012, even though we have had inquires by (2) new forming groups to date.  Almost all of our production and operating costs have increased every year since the last price change (2) seasons ago.  The 5.6% and 4.4% increase in the partial and full share CSAs, just (bearly) covers the change in our costs from 2 years ago.  Additionally, we are very conscious of the difficulty some members may have meeting the cost of their CSA memberships, and hope these changes do not create any additional hardship for anyone.

We have many objectives as we start the new 2012 season that include paying our workers better wages, and up grading our field equipment and tractors by beginning the replacement of our tractor fleet that averages almost (40) years old.

I could go on about many things, but I believe I’ve touched the main points.  We hope that any of your programs that assist members with their CSA payments will continue to make our CSA a viable option for all.  We value our relationship with all the members of the Brooklyn Bridge CSA tremendously and hope that we continue to do well together.


Fred & Karen

EGGS for the upcoming CSA season!

We’re currently planning for the CSA’s third season, and we’ve been considering EGGS. We’re researching farms to provide egg shares, but we need an estimate of how many people would potentially be interested in purchasing an egg share for the season. A share usually consists of a dozen or half a dozen eggs a week. They are usually priced around $5/dozen. If you think you’d be interested in purchasing an egg share, please take less than a minute to indicate your level of interest by clicking here and answering our one-question survey. You are under no obligation to purchase a share if you say you want one now, but we need to find a farm whose supply can meet our demand. Please respond by Friday, February 17.